On March 12th 2021, Ascent Safety and SafetyPro merged.

While the focus at Ascent – based on 20 years of experience in the market – is mainly on knowledge transfer (education, training and advice), the emphasis at SafetyPro is mainly on a easy, fast and effective delivery and maintenance of a particularly wide range of equipment.

By joining forces, a program is created with which we optimally unburden our customers. So that you as a user can focus on what you are good at: performing work at heights and locations which are difficult to access.

In addition to the observable changes, a number of things also remain familiar. First of all, your contacts remain the same. In addition, we will continue to work from the current locations with the trusted teams. The focus of our location in Oosterhout is on equipment. From our locations in Amersfoort and Rotterdam, we focus on knowledge transfer (education, training and advice).

The merged company, We Enable Climbers, forms the foundation for the ambitious growth strategy that has been set out. We currently work from three locations with more than 25 specialists under the leadership of director-shareholder Ward Luitjes. Jeroen Offermans will remain involved behind the scenes as a shareholder and advisor.

Ward Luitjes: “Thanks to the collaboration with Ascent, we now offer training and consultancy at a high level for our customers. In addition, we can further unburden Ascent’s existing customers in their need for equipment. ”

Jeroen Offermans: “By joining forces, a rock-solid organization is created in which the focus of the various teams, based on competence, is placed exactly where it belongs. For our customers, this immediately results in a better service level and higher quality. ”

We look forward continuing to ease your work and grow together to the next level of Safety.